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Production Flow

Production Flow

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Procurement of raw materials

In terms of raw material procurement, the company cooperates with high-quality suppliers that have passed ISO9001 and TUV-PED certification to purchase raw materials.

Inspection of raw materials

After the raw materials arrive at the factory, the material management personnel will inspect the appearance and chemical composition of the raw materials, and they can be used after passing the inspection, and the raw materials of different materials will be marked.


In order to ensure the quality of the forgings, the cutting machine is used for cutting, and the raw materials must be marked after cutting.


The saw material is heated to a certain temperature in a reverberatory furnace, and the first piece of different materials must be monitored and recorded with a thermometer.


Forging according to process requirements.
During the production process, the first forging must be tested for hardness.

Heat treatment

After forging, solution water quenching heat treatment is carried out to improve the ductility and toughness of steel (forging).
For the heat-treated forgings, the mechanical properties and non-destructive testing are carried out according to customer requirements.

Turning / Drilling Stamping / Cleaning and Inspection / Packing and Shipping

The lathes machine and drill the heat-treated blanks according to the drawings and the customer's needs. After a series of processes such as stamping and cleaning, the inspectors will conduct a final inspection of the product according to the drawings and standards, and can only be packaged and shipped after passing the inspection.


Each step in the above production process has a process tracking card. When traceability is required, the product can be traced according to the order number, batch number, product number, etc.

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